090110: San Francisco Giants [2010 World Series Champions] vs the Colorado Rockies

So how long has it been, hmmmm 7 months since I’ve gotten around finishing this and actually posting it º3º;; geez. I miss really missed baseball. When the season came back I just had to get this video out, dust it off and finish it. I lacked motivation during those 7 months, absolutely. Though, after a lazy Wednesday evening with average Bay Area, Tim Lincecum and his super sexy socks and a game slaughtering the San Diego Padres it really hit me. “Dude, you haven’t posted a video in forever” says my Sister. She couldn’t be more right. So after tossing ideas around and putting tons of effort and energy into this video, you get this. Congratulations to the 2010 World Champions :). My team, our team, the San Francisco Giants. —– Now how bout more info about that day? All righty. So it was an excruciating humid 90 degrees. I got to the yard early as usual, and I met up with my friend Nandi at around three or four or such. We walked around for awhile since she hasn’t been to AT&T for awhile. I got sick to my stomach thinking that this was the last game that I was going to. Till this day I dunno when I’ll be going back, but I hope it’s soon. My routine is to watch Timmy warm up in the bullpen after hearing the national anthem, watching him pitch a few pitches, and announcing the line up. When that’s all done Nandi and I make our way to our seats with my Mom and Dad. They are great seats not too far from the field and not too close. Not to mention how great it was to not

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