2009 Denver Broncos Fantasy Football Preview

2009 Denver Broncos Fantasy Football Preview

Ahhh where should I start with the Josh McDipshit led Denver Broncos. Anyone who has been a reader of my articles knows that this is what I call McDaniels and it has such a nice ring to it that I just can’t stop. It’s an addiction and I fully admit it but who can blame me? I mean seriously who comes in during their first year and runs a Pro Bowl QB out of town which is exactly what McDipshit did with Jay Cutler who is now in Chicago? For the life of me I can’t see how Joshy Poo thought he was better off with Matt Cassel rather than Cutler. Now, he has neither and is stuck with Kyle Orton at QB with whom Denver received as part of the compensation for the Cutler deal. As much I think McDipshit is an idiot word in Denver is that he is starting to win over the team. What do the Broncos have to offer the world of fantasy football this upcoming season? Let’s examine that topic now.

I drafted Aaron Rogers last year specifically for the purpose of using him as trade bait later on in the year.  I had Manning and I knew that some owner would need a QB and that held form with the “Frickmeister” offering me Matt Forte for Rogers straight up.  I made that trade and Forte launched me to a league championship.  This year I have the same strategy in mind and the QB that I am eying is Orton.  I think Orton has the potential to be a real sleeper this year and his skills should improve dramatically under the tutelage of McDipshit.  Orton was officially named the Broncos starting QB this week but was there ever any doubt that he would beat out Chris “I don’t have nearly the talent or desire as my father” Simms?  Orton possesses a 21-12 record as a starter and although not possessing the arm strength of Cutler should be fine in Denver because McDipshit will tailor the offense around Orton’s skills.   Throw in the running attack that will undoubtedly be led by rookie Knoshown Moreno and Orton seems to be a nice fit in Denver.  Is Orton a starting fantasy QB for ’09?  Not at the outset but I’m telling you draft him as your number 2 around round 9 or 10 and see how the year progresses.  You may just have some desperate fantasy owner begging you for his services as it gets deeper into the season. 

The Denver backfield is crowded as the team picked up a couple of backs in the off season and bring back a couple more from last year.  Make no mistake about it however, Moreno will be the man and he will be the man from the outset.  I like listening to all the so called fantasy experts out there complaining that Moreno went to the wrong team.  Listen, McDipshit didn’t draft this kid with his first ever selection in Denver for him to sit on the bench.  Moreno is an immense talent and McDipshit will make good use of those talents from the outset.  McDipshit is, well a dipshit but he is not stupid and Moreno will have a nice year running the ball in his offense and also catching the ball out of the backfield. Look for Moreno to evolve into at least a number 3 RB this year with plenty of upside. As for the other backs on the Broncos roster including Peyton Hillis, Lamont Jordan, Correll Buckhalter, and Ryan Torian none of them except maybe Hillis are worth a draft selection at this time.  Possibly Hillis due to his receiving skills out of the backfield and the fact he may see some goal line carries.

The loss of Cutler will no doubt hurt the Broncos receiving corps in terms of fantasy stats.  As of press time it is looking more and more likely that Brandon Marshall will not be a member of the team further justifying the name I have allotted the Broncos new leader.  I mean seriously who comes in and gets rid of a Pro Bowl QB and receiver???  It just makes no sense and I truly believe that McDaniels is a COMPLETE dipshit and way way over his head with his new role.  Marshall is a monster if he can just stay out of legal trouble.  Marshall caught 104 passes for 1265 yards and 6 TD’s despite missing the first game due to a suspension and the TD’s surely would have increased if Cutler was still Denver’s QB.  Now, there is speculation that Cutler is raising the anty and trying to get the Bears to sign the disgruntled wide out.  In Denver’s defense I clearly see why owner Pat Bowlen is not willing to shell out the big contract to Marshall just yet as his team was just burned by Travis Henry to whom they paid big money to and is now in jail for conspiring to distribute cocaine.  Apparently, the money was not enough for Henry who to his defense has 9 children from 9 different babies momma’s so I can see where he thought that he needed to supplement his income. Regardless, the Broncos have been burned once and are not about to be burned again with Marshall’s legal problems.  There are a plethora of teams that are reportedly interested in Marshall and he will more than likely be the number one WR option wherever he lands.  Treat Marshall as a number one WR on draft day come August worth considering after Steve Smith and Anquan Boldin are off the board.  The only other Denver WR worth consideration is 2nd year pro Eddie “Casino” Royal who had an outstanding rookie campaign in 2008 by catching 91passes for 980 yards and 5 TD’s including a 93 yarder.  If Marshall departs and it is looking like he will Royal will find himself in the number one role and I believe he is up for the task. As is, even if Marshall stays Royal is worth considering as a number 3 WR or Flex option much in the same way fellow 2nd year pro DeShaun Jackson from Philadelphia is regarded. Neither Jabar Gaffney, Brandon Stoakley nor any of the other Broncos WR’s are worth drafting at this time however if Marshall is gone someone will have to step up and start for Coach McDipshit. 

McDipshit has recently stated that TE Tony Scheffler is a “weapon” and will be an integral part of the Broncos offense in 2009.  Scheffler caught 40 balls for 645 yards and 3 scores in 2008 and Orton will probably be looking his way often this upcoming season.  Scheffler is not a worth number one TE at this time but is worth drafting as a backup and is a serviceable bye week replacement. 

In terms of the Bronco DST I will make this very quick.  Avoid them at all costs as the team ranked 31st in total defense last year and have really not done anything this off season to make me think that the unit will be any better.  Why McDipshit thought that getting rid of Cutler was a higher priority that shoring up this woeful unit is a mystery and a mystery that only McDipshit knows the answer to.  Bottom line: don’t go anywhere near this unit on draft day even as a bye week replacement.

Well, that concludes my examination of the AFC in terms of fantasy purposes. I will start with the NFC this weekend and I will be kicking things off with America’s Team: The Dallas Cowboys.

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