300 acre (121 hectare) Hayden Open Space / Green Mountain burn area – Colorado

On August 04, 2008 (Monday) 121 hectares of Hayden/Green Mountain burned after a lightning strike. Five days later, on Saturday morning, we hiked the area to see the extent of damages. Except for all the roads and trails the fire damage looked relatively natural as I’m sure Green Mountain has burned many thousands of times in the past. However, be sure that I do not promote fire! Nevertheless, natural events should be taken for what they are (natural!) with care being taken to protect people and homes, etc. Green Mountain is approximately 2400 acres (971 hectares) of protected open space just outside our back door west of Denver – we love it there! Here’s my personal web page about Green Mountain, Colorado: www.rogerwendell.com Here’s my page on hiking: www.rogerwendell.com 08-09-2008
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