Advice To Save Money On Auto Insurance In Denver, Colorado

Advice To Save Money On Auto Insurance In Denver, Colorado

Situated at the foot of the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, Denver is a great place to work and live.  As Colorado’s capital, the city of Denver flourishes in the industries of transportation, communication and agriculture.  Tourism is also a big part of Denver’s economy.  The city’s population was estimated at 557,917 in 2005. 

If you’re one of the lucky motorists living in Denver, you’ll be relieved to know that there are many affordable car insurance providers vying for your business.  This provides you with an opportunity to save hundreds of dollars per year on auto insurance.  Let’s explore auto insurance in Denver and see how to minimize this necessary expense’s impact on your finances.

Car Insurance Providers in Denver

Denver’s large population makes the area seem a little crowded but this might be to your advantage.  The more people that live in an area…the more car insurance providers that do business there.  More providers equal stiffer competition.  This creates the perfect atmosphere for getting cheaper rates.  Some of the nation’s top car insurance providers serve the Denver area, such as Safeco, Allstate, Bristol West, Travelers, GMAC, State Farm and Progressive.  There are also many locally-based or lesser known companies such as Colorado Casualty.


Types of Car Insurance in Denver

As you shop for car insurance in the Denver area, keep in mind that a certain amount of liability insurance is a law requirement.  Colorado state law requires coverage of at least ,000 (per individual) and ,000 (per incident) for Bodily Injury protection.  The state also requires at least ,000 coverage for Property Damage.  You might see these figures written as 25/50/15.  Having adequate coverage is crucial due to Colorado’s Tort system, which requires an at-fault individual in a accident to cover the expenses incurred such as car damages or bodily injury.

There are other types of coverage besides liability.  Check the rates on uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.  These protect you if you are in an accident with someone who has little or no insurance.  These also cover hit-and-run accidents.  Collision coverage pays for damages to your vehicle if you cause an accident or are in a one-car accident that damages your car.  Comprehensive coverage pays for non-accident damages such as fire, hail, wind, flood, vandalism and auto theft.  Other types of coverage include rental car coverage and towing.

Comparing Denver Auto Insurance Quotes

Whether you decide to purchase the minimum liability only or go all out with your coverage, savings in Denver is possible.  The best source for finding cheap car insurance is the Internet.  Check online sites where you can compare numerous local Denver providers at once.  At just one website, you can get quotes from up to 50 providers!

Comparison sites will ask for general information (not Credit card information) such as name, address, make/model and year of your vehicle(s), basic description of driving history, whether or not you and family members have had driver training, etc.  Be very detailed in the information you provide.  Once you receive quotes, contact a few reputable providers and find out if other discounts are available to your family.  If your car has safety features such as air bags or automatic seatbelts, or if you have a very good financial credit score…these and other factors can help you secure better rates.

Armed with this valuable information about Denver car insurance, go online today to start your search!

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