Airfare to Steamboat Springs, Colorado – Flights & Car Rentals

Airfare to Steamboat Springs, Colorado – Flights & Car Rentals

As soon as you step off the plane at the Steamboat Springs Hayden Airport you will witness the “how do ya do mam” character that thrives in this western mountain community. Steamboat Springs is known for wide brim cowboy hats, spectacular skiing in the winter and mountain festivals in the summer. Read about tips and information for flights to Steamboat Springs, CO.

There are two options for flying into Steamboat Springs. These include the Steamboat Springs / Hayden Regional Airport (airport code HDN) and the Denver International Airport (airport code DEN). Either of these two airports provide year round access to this unique mountain community.

For the quickest way to get to Steamboat Springs, simply purchase airfare directly into the heart of the Colorado Rockies. Flights land at an elevation of nearly 7,000 feet. This will provide you with sensational views of the peaks that dominate this region of Colorado. Flights to Steamboat Springs generally connect with Denver International Airport which all major airlines use as a bridge for international and domestic flights.


Denver International Airport is located just 2.5 hours from the town of Steamboat Springs and the resort. Flights are guaranteed to be less expensive then flying directly in Steamboat Springs. All major airlines including: United, Frontier, Northwest, Jetblue, Lufthansa and many others offer affordable flights from virtually anywhere within the United States.

After you have reserved your flights, it is best if you sort out what type of ground transportation you will need for your Steamboat Springs vacation. There are two major ways for transferring between the airport and the town. These include shuttles and car rentals.

Steamboat Springs car rentals are a popular option for transfers. Renting your own car gives you the freedom to explore nearby mountain towns. On route from Denver you will pass through Georgetown, Silverthorne, Dillon, and several other Colorado communities. Also, if you have your own car rental for Steamboat Springs you can stop off at one of the many hot springs in the nearby vicinity!

Shuttles from Denver International Airport range from private chauffeurs to 12 passenger vans. Door to door service is offered in both scenarios. Simply grab your bags from baggage claim and hand them to your driver. Let the professionals do all the rest. The best part is, you are able to sit back relax, and enjoy the views of the Colorado Rockies.

Whatever airport you choose and no matter what type of transportation you select, a trip to Steamboat Springs is one of those vacations that will last in your memory for a long time.

Questions on flying to Steamboat Springs can be answered by calling the Colorado Travel Company at 970.372.4628. Go online to book flights to Steamboat Springs, CO or to reserve your Steamboat Springs car rentals.

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