Bob Kinsey Colorado Green Party US Senate Candidate

The major issue of this race is “Respect Life!” Not in the simplistic sense employed by those who use this motto to make abortion the litmus test for their vote. My chief value is about respecting all Life. Government should be about setting policies that insure we have life on this planet to the “7th Generation”. Respecting life requires us to exercise judgment and discipline concerning the vehicles we drive, the housing patterns we build, the new jobs we create. Uncontrolled growth is the ideology of a cancer cell. The life of hundreds of thousands of species, including our own, are threatened with extinction. Our irresponsible use of chemistry and technology, the indiscriminate ballooning of consumption we call the “American Dream” and our refusal to face this unsustainable environmental footprint endanger all life on earth. Our current production methods have created a chemical/nuclear soup that is poisoning our planet and us. Real respect for Life will require our willingness to face the limits we must place on our economic system and our consumption and our population in order to take responsibility. I believe we can change our direction in international affairs. We can move away from a course that is guided by American exceptionalism and the idea we can unilaterally determine how the rest of the world will act. This unwise course operates on the racism we are trying to erase from our own social system. International Rule of Law and respect of the Universal

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