CLIFF PALACE Mesa Verde National Park Colorado

An architectural and historical gem lies hidden in the Mesa Verde National Park in the State of Colorado in the United States Of America. The dwellings that were built into the cliffs by the Anasazi Indians have given this place the name of, Cliff Palace. They were discovered in 1888 by two cowboys, who must have been amazed when they stumbled across these ancient and magnificent structures. During the 6th century, the Anasazi settled on the Mesa Verde Plateau where they lived in caves and simple wooden shelters. They began by building their dwellings from loam bricks until, in the latter part of the 12th century, they created their cliff dwellings. The amazing dwellings amounted to entire villages located in the cliffs. The technical building abilities of the Anasazi Indians, although simple, were remarkable because, although the buildings were constructed with sun-dried loam bricks and extremely primitive tools, they were able to build multi-story buildings and small towers. Nearly 800 years have passed since the sudden and inexplicable disappearance and emigration of the Anasazi. Thankfully, their fascinating Cliff Palace dwellings in the Mesa Verde National Park have managed to survive the centuries.

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