College football conference champions predictions?

Question by Jim C: College football conference champions predictions?
Big twelve – Colorado vs. Oklahoma… Colorado upsets ends okla championship chances.

Big east – Wake Forest repeats and wins 9 games in the season

ACC – Flordia St. and Bobby bowdin takes it despite critisim for violations. Goes undefeated in ACC games.

SEC- LSU vs. Florida in a classic matchup. Winner likely deciedes who plays in the title game. LSU wins in a close one.

PAC 10 – USC Repeats once again only 1 pac 10 loss.

Big 10- Penn st edges ohio st. to repeat as champions.

USC and LSU finally get what everyone has been wanting in a national championship. LSU wins and proves SEC dominance.
shit i meant Cinn. in the BIG EAST.. SORRY 1!!!!

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Answer by hensleyb420
Wake Forest isn’t in the Big east..They are in the ACC. But I think that Florida is gonna win the Sec, Usc will probably win AGAIN the Pac 10. Im tired of hearing about them

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