Colorado Capitol security participating in ‘Tea Party’?

As I attempted to walk to a 5k run fundraiser, which would’ve been my first sports story ever, I fell more and more ill with a cold along the way. About half-way to my destination, to which I never made it – all apologies Denver ABC – I passed by the Colorado State Capitol building in Denver, where I live. This was on September 12, 2009, and as many of you may recall there was another “Tea Party” revanchist rally taking place at the Capitol building on that rainy afternoon. What I saw drew questions in my mind regarding where the loyalty of domestic security lies as I noticed a State Patrol officer on a bicycle, the security guards of the State Capitol is the Colorado State troopers, sporting an American flag while working security during the a rally that sported the same flag. Does this police officer expect us to believe that he is not aware that waiving an American flag during a ‘Tea-bagger’ rally is a showing of support, solidarity, in fact participation? The American flag means one thing to Americans, and something entirely different to ‘Tea-baggers’, to them it is an expression of possession they fear to lose – a very dangerous social-psychological phenomenon that is often a precursor to backlash violence from the far right of the political spectrum, that is the fear of a loss of power misconstrued as a threat to the existence of those who see that power as inherent to their survival, thus a threat to their existence, the worst ingredient for the recipe of
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