Colorado Photography ? Friendly Attitudes Among Amazing Altitudes

Colorado Photography ? Friendly Attitudes Among Amazing Altitudes

Your Colorado photography will be its best when it shows the friendly nature of its people as well as the state’s great scenic beauty that is famous throughout the world.

It’s easy to overlook the eastern third of the state and think there are no Colorado photography opportunities there, since it is a vast rolling plain of farmland and small towns. That would be a mistake, however. The southeastern corner of the state, especially along the Arkansas River, has a rich historical tradition. You can travel a national scenic and historic byway that follows the path of the Santa Fe Trail. Your Colorado photography can also include pictures of Bent’s Old Fort, the first Colorado settlement in 1833, and museums celebrating the Native Americans that lived in the area for centuries and the great frontiersman, Kit Carson.

Colorado photography is not complete without pictures from the eastern plains of the great wall of the Rocky Mountains, commonly known as the Front Range. There are very few visual experiences anywhere in the world that compares to driving westward across the Colorado plains, and suddenly see the Rocky Mountains appearing as if from nowhere. Whether you fly to Denver or Colorado Springs, it’s well worth your time to drive east from those cities a few hours, and then return, stopping often to capture the majesty of the Rockies for your Colorado photography.

Denver, Colorado Springs and the other cities of the Front Range are exceptional family and adult destinations, and sources of memorable Colorado photography. These cities are also your gateways to the wonderland that is the Rockies and all points of interest in western Colorado. From Colorado Springs and Pueblo, you are only a short drive to famous Pike’s Peak and the many canyons and mesa lands beyond. Take your family and camera to remote southwest Colorado to visit Mesa Verde National Park, Canyons of the Ancients National Monument and similar sites, with ancient cliff dwellings. These may prove to be your favorite subjects of your Colorado photography.

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