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Im Lynn Lumpkin CRWENewswire Sports Commentator. This is the the Sports Corner On Friday night, Juan Nicasio, a 25-year-old rookie right-hander for the Colorado Rockies, was stretchered off the field with a neck injury after being struck by a line drive. On Saturday, Nicasio had neck surgery to “stabilize a fracture” in his C-1 vertebrae. The lastest information saya Nicasio was resting comfortably at a Denver hospital. On Sunday at California’s Huntington Beach three Mexican nationals attempted to illegally land their boat about a mile away from where a professional surfing contest, the US Open of Surfing, was taking place. The small fishing boat was spotted at around 8:30 am by Lifeguards, but when the men realized they had been spotted. They turned back to sea and were seen throwing a package overboard. It is believed the men in the boat were smuggling drugs across the border from Mexico. All three were arrested and taken into custody by US Border Patrol agents on suspicion of smuggling and attempting to enter the US illegally. I’m Lynn Lumpkin CRWENewswire Sports Commentator. **************************** Disclaimer: the views and opinions expressed by the author are his or her opinions only and do no necessarily reflect those of crown equity holdings inc., its agents, affiliates, officers, directors, staff, or contractors. The author at the time of this article did not own any shares or receive any consideration financial or otherwise from any company or person
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