Colorado rulemaking hearings: Infused Products Manufacturers Part 2

p09-16-10 Infused Products Manufacturers discussing key issues related to the medical marijuana industry. Specifically in this video: Contracts Requirements between mmc and mip State master contract Labeling regulatory oversight ingredients keep out reach children intervene damage control use of chemicals patients need to be aware if they ingest meds Federal law Exempt from food act Labeling issues Potency of edibles is a safety issue Public safety Feedback from industry Labeling requirements Pharmacy code Scientific viewpoints Safety of patient Mold and pesticide testing Types of labels What do you allow on label Prescription information marinol, savitex Forms of hash Safety security employees Transportation Highway patrol pulls you over Intellectual property Protect recipes Regulators Temporary suspension Perishables during suspension Anonymous tips Search warrants Probable cause Waste product How can waste be recycled? Scale standards

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