Colorado Springs Keratoconus Lenses And Their Uses

Colorado Springs Keratoconus Lenses And Their Uses

Keratoconus is a non-inflammatory degenerative eye disorder that causes the cornea, the clear covering of the eye, to form into a cone shape and the cornea to thin.  It can affect one or both eyes, and one in one thousand people.  The exact cause of this eye condition is unknown at this time.  There are Colorado Springs keratoconus treatment plans that your optometrist can go over with you if you have this condition, which can help improve your vision.

Colorado Springs eye doctors will go into greater detail with you about this eye condition and Colorado Springs keratoconus treatment options.  The condition can cause the vision to become distorted, and most notably can cause light sensitivity, streaky vision and multiple images.  The good news is that in many instances, by wearing Colorado Springs keratoconus contact lenses, the patient will have greatly improved vision.  With Colorado Springs keratoconus lenses in place, a patient may experience good enough visual acuity to be able to continue to drive and perform other visual tasks.  

In the early stages, the eye condition can cause the vision to act like astigmatism, and glasses or specialized contact lenses can be worn as part of the Colorado Springs keratoconus treatment.  Colorado Springs eye doctors can recommend the best Colorado Springs contact lenses for keratoconus to meet your vision needs.  There are several Colorado Springs keratoconus contact lenses that have been developed, and they serve different functions for the patient.  Soft Colorado Springs keratoconus lenses are useful for treating the visual symptoms of astigmatism, and your physician may recommend these to you.  The optometrist may have you switch to rigid gas-permeable Colorado Springs contact lenses for keratoconus if the soft lenses no longer give you adequate visual clarity.  Rigid Colorado Springs Keratoconus lenses are useful in giving the effect of a smoother cornea surface by filling the irregular spaces in between the smooth surface of the lens and the affected cornea’s irregular surface.  For those who find that neither the soft or rigid Colorado Springs keratoconus contact lenses provide good vision, there are also hybrid contact lenses that have been created for those with keratoconus that offer a rigid center, better for reducing the effect of the conical shape of the cornea, and a soft edge to conform to the shape of the eye.  Alternatively, other patients find that if they wear both soft and rigid lenses simultaneously, that this can help to improve their vision.

Your optometrist, who should specialize in Colorado Springs keratoconus treatment plans, can offer you valuable advice on which treatments will be most effective, so set up a visit with one for more information.

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