Denver Broncos Jersey |Denver Broncos rookie quarterback injured in a suspected home the first show may be delayed

Denver Broncos Jersey |Denver Broncos rookie quarterback injured in a suspected home the first show may be delayed

Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Tim – Thibaudet (Denver Broncos Jersey) participated in his first NFL game on the ball broke into the opponent’s end zone, but perhaps it is this up front so that he hurt his ribs.

    After jogging warm-up at the end, Thibaudet missed Wednesday’s first training camp. Broncos, said Thibaud the lack of what the body out of the situation. Tigers team in the preseason against the last attack, Thibaudet in attracting the attention of the other defense after the ball in from the neutral gear and rushed into the end zone Tigers, opponents blocked two defenders was that he knocked up in the score line.

    This week, Thibaudet in the ribs and added a similar additional near bullet-proof vest protective gear to participate in the Tuesday’s two training sessions, but he did not participate in training after the dash, but the routine of the group for his offensive teammates cry. In Wednesday’s warm-up for about 10 minutes later, Thibaudet jogging left the court entered a team of headquarters and chief trainer Steve – Antonopoulos come together, seems to be to protect the left side of the ribs or abdomen . In the team canceled a scheduled meeting, he and reporters after the meeting, did not return to training Thibaudet. Broncos coach Josh – Macdaniels left the course without comment, in line with the team not to discuss the reasons players miss training policy. Team spokesman Patrick – Smith said he could not disclose why the absence of a training Thibaudet. Kyle – Orton and Brady – Quinn shared Wednesday 2 hours training, all the kick-off, it does so to watch the training Thibaudeau Thibaudet fans were very upset.

    Thibaudet is the Broncos injury list, the latest star of a big, wild horses on the long list includes NFL’s Qinsha expert Elvis – Damoweier his chest muscle tear may be due to the absence of the entire season, but also a team of three top-delayed back, one of the two training camp in the first hour of the injured. Broncos will play this week, six-night home opener against the Detroit Lions, but Thibaudeau’s home the first show may be delayed.

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