Denver-to-Honolulu flight takes off & climbs over Front Range of Colorado Rockies 2011-01-02

Video 1 of 2: On a sunny winter day, a Honolulu-bound flight takes off westbound on Runway 25 from Denver (DEN) to climb above the grid fields east of the city and crosses Interstate-25 and Colorado Road 36.. The flat landscape is quickly replaced, after a narrow band of reservoir-filled foothils, by the snowcapped Front Range of the Colorado Rockies. View of the Rockies farther to the west continues till cloud obscures the land starting at about the the Great Basin of Utah, in advance of a major winter storm centred over the eastern section of Northern California and extending offshore into the eastern Pacific. (The next video captures moments of this flight above the vast expanse of the eastern Pacific before descending near Hawaii Kai, Waikiki Beach, downtown Honolulu, the Hickham Air Force Base, and landing at Honolulu International Airport.) 4:20 Takeoff on Runway 25 5:35 Crossing toll road E-470 7:30 Nearing I-76 (Interstate between Denver-Big Springs, Nebraska) 8:10 Crossing I-25 north of downtown Denver 8:40 Crossing State Highway 36 (“Boulder Highway”)\ 9:00 Standley Lake coming into view on left 10:00 Foothills begin at Blunn Reservoir (on left) 10:24 Coal Creek Canyon Road meets State Highway 93 (lower right corner) 10:35 Ralston Reservoir 10:40-11:05 Foothills of the Front Range 11:10-16:20 Crossing the Front Range, with close-up view of its peaks 16:05-16:20 Front Range peaks to the distant east (on right) 16:25 to end: The Rockies west of Denver in the

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