Experience a Colorado Family Vacation

Experience a Colorado Family Vacation

It is a known fact that Colorado belongs to the best 20 travel destinations in the USA. The state is renowned for its legendary and top rated ski-resorts, whitewater rafting, attractive fauna and superb canyons.

The extraordinary attractiveness of Colorado expands in all corners of the state, and all through the seasons. Plenty of tourists head to the state of Colorado to look at scenic canyons, experience its remarkable ski-resorts, and enjoy fabulous summer activities like whitewater rafting.

One of several locations that could captivate the eyes on your Colorado family vacation is the legendary semi-desert section of the city of Grand Junction called “The Monument”. Recognized in May 24, 1911, it extends 32 square miles filled with a rich fauna and enthralling canyons with stunning geological formations. The rock face of the canyons are made of stone layers in a mixture of shades of red and white, providing the vacationers a dazzling image of nature.

Some of the famous wonderful structures you will notice while on vacation in the Colorado canyons include the Coke Ovens, the Independence Monument, the Kissing Couple and the Monument Canyon. The bottom of the canyons has prehistoric boulders having dinosaur fossils. A sizable assortment of wildlife like golden eagles, mountain lions, bighorn sheep and mule deer dwell within the limits of the canyons.


Another vacation getaway within the state of Colorado is its astounding ski-resorts in the Rocky Mountains. Generally appraised to feature some of the finest skiing and snowboarding in North America, they are recognized for their superb ski slopes and breathtaking mountain terrains. The ski-resorts on the Rocky Mountains are stationed at more than 2,100 meters and have an annual snowfall of between 300 to 400 inches. This offers up high quality snow and outstanding skiing conditions that allow it to be an ideal place to spend your winter holiday.

Some of the most prominent ski-resorts in Colorado are the ones located in Aspen and Vail. The affluent that come from different parts of the globe, travel to these ski-resorts to savor their skiing vacation, and delight in the magnificent panorama accorded by the Rocky Mountains. There are other less popular ski-resorts in Colorado that are able to provide fantastic ski experience at family prices. These ski-resorts are in the area generally known as The Gems, which include Eldora, Monarch Mountain and Echo Mountain. Because these Colorado family vacation sections are quite often less crowded, a longer period can be spent on skiing assorted trails instead of lining up to wait for the lift to get at the top.

Whitewater rafting is yet another one of many pleasure attractions that you can indulge in, should you have that Colorado family vacation. It is certainly one of the nation’s best areas in terms of whitewater rafting. Circled by large and snow-capped mountain peaks, a number of awe-inspiring rivers dash for many miles into extraordinary gorges and going down into canyons filled with majestic natural vistas. The different twists and turns of the river transform it into a perfect spot for whitewater rafting. You will find numerous types of river activities to select from beginning with recreational family floats to challenging and adrenaline-pumping whitewater rafting. Apart from whitewater rafting, the surrounding ranges also provide a diverse number of other pastimes like, for example, fly fishing and biking.

Colorado, undoubtedly, possesses numerous exceptional experiences from whitewater rafting adventures to exceptional skiing fun at its ski-resorts, and sightseeing fun trips at the canyons. It is definitely a great place to spend your family vacation.

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