Fall is High Season for Fly Fishing in the Rocky Mountains

Fall is High Season for Fly Fishing in the Rocky Mountains

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Fly fishing at altitude in Colorado is considered high season in part because the weather has cooled somewhat and the crowds are reduced. Kids are back in school and summer vacations a distant memory. Like mammals, the fish too are fattening up for the winter.

The koakanee salmon make their way upstream to spawn. Similar in color to the brilliant color of Colorado’s leaves, brown trout take on brilliant color prior to spawning in the fall so long as they are not disturbed. After spawning, browns need to feed constantly to regain their strength.

Be sure to pack dry flies. Match the hatch with fall tricos, BWO’s, caddis flies and midges. Have nyumphs ready for large trout feeding under the surface. A dead-on combo is a small egg pattern with a variety of small nymphs trailed behind.

Denver fly fishing expert, Tucker Ladd names the 5 top rivers for fly-fishing in early autumn: South Platte River at Dream Stream, Eagle River, Colorado River at Parshal, Williams Fork below Williams Fork Reservoir and the Blue River below Dillion Reservoir. But where ever you go, you can’t go wrong in the Rocky Mountains. For fly fishing conditions, weather is predicted to be especially favorable this fall.

If you want to learn to maximize your day on the river, outfitters offer courses for all experience levels. Courses start with Fly Fish 101 “Introduction to Fly Fishing” to Fly Fishing 220 “Learning the Moffitt Angling System,” a one-day class that begins in the classroom and ends on the water. It demonstrates and teaches how to maximize the “flies in the water” time by using the Moffitt Angling System which works using unique variables: to tripple the odds of a strike, fish multiple flies. Only one knot is required to minimize your time spent getting ready to cast and the barbless circle hook is a quick release, and the Moffitt contact leader is designed to minimize the drag by sinking fast. This contact leader also eliminates the need for weight, significantly reducing hang-ups on the river bottom. The highly effective Moffitt Angling system is not recommended for beginners and must be executed with caution.

18.2 million people fly fish, according to the Outdoor Industry Foundation Survey: 65% are males 35% are females 18 average outings a year 25% are age 16-24 26% are 25-34 9% are 35-44 40% are 45+ 30% have a household income of less than k 38% have a household income of k-k 32% have a household income of k+.

In Gerry Stringer’s free time he loves to get out and fish in the Rocky Mountains. Now that the fall is here he does all the fly fishing he can. For gear, river runs and instruction, he recommends Trout’s on 6th Ave. in Denver http://www.troutsflyfishing.com

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