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Experienced Colorado Family Law Firm Helping People Through Divorce for 24 Years Thinking of Divorce or Separation? Would you like to know your options? When a person is thinking about the prospect of divorce, they are often confused and worried about what steps to take. At The Law Firm Of Gary D. Nicholas Esq. in Denver, we lead them through the process. We protect their assets, keep their relationships with their children, and take the burden of clients, minimizing the impact of the divorce on them. The Law Firm Of Gary D. Nicholas Esq. has completed cases involving millions and has handled divorces with children in every situation. We are willing to be flexible and can negotiate settlements with little or no involvement of the courts. Or, we can use the courts to achieve the necessary results. Call 303-290-7414 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with an experienced family law attorney. Also ask for a copy of our FREE SPECIAL REPORT!
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