Get More Money From Your Colorado Refinance

Get More Money From Your Colorado Refinance

Picture this: beautiful nature trails, snow-capped mountains that stand shoulder-to-shoulder, spell-binding pristine lakes, and warm sunshine. If you’re spending all your summers in Colorado, why not get a refinance to get your own Colorado vacation home? But are you risking other worthwhile investments?

Refinance But Don’t Compromise Your Retirement

Business is up in Colorado. Refinance companies are handling more applications for refinance because of lower interest rates – the lowest in 24 years. Colorado refinance experts are seeing a surge in refinance applications. If this is the right time for them, why shouldn’t it be for you? Of course, you’ve heard those admonitions not to jump into a refi just because interest rates are low. That’s right. Whether the interests are lower than usual, not all mortgage programs are flexible.

For your refinance, you’ll have to be sure your credit score is good – at least 700 points. A good credit history assures the lenders that you pay your debts on time. But then, it isn’t always about credit history. It’s also a matter of getting the most money or savings from your refinance. Let a Colorado refinance expert explain how you can maximize your mortgage.

The money saved provides you the chance to put your money elsewhere. Your retirement or investment portfolio should not be forgotten in the rush for a refinance that will take years to pay off. A house is your security in your retirement years, but what will you spend if you just got the house and are still paying off the loan? You need a monthly pension check to survive and enjoy your twilight years.

Money Options from Your Colorado Refinance

If the Colorado expert offers a 15-year loan term, he is giving you the option to save thousands of dollars. If you have 20 years off your 30-year loan term and you elect to get a 15-year loan term, the monthly bill will be steeper. But look at it from another angle – you’ll knock off 5 years from the 20-year loan. Or, by the time you retire, you won’t still be shelling out thousands of dollars in interests alone because your mortgage will have been fully paid by then.

Getting a cash out just to pay off credit card debts? You’re the loser. Paying a ,000 credit card debt that charges 10% interest in four years is cheaper than tucking the credit loan into your refinance. The credit card debt plus your mortgage makes your refinance an expensive loan.While you’re paying up your credit card debt, avoid racking up new debts or maxing out your credit cards anew. This irresponsible action risks your home and your future.

Your Colorado refinance without the credit card debt added up provides an extra amount that you can save in a retirement plan. You get more advantage if you switch your ARM to a fixed rate mortgage. Interest rates for ARM may have been cut back, but there is no certainty about its future. With a fixed rate mortgage, you’re hitched to a stable wagon.

Your Colorado refinance loan is an investment for a house, to consolidate debts, and to feather your retirement nest egg. The money shouldn’t be wasted on lavish dinners and fully-loaded cars. You’ll have everything to look forward to – a home in scenic and historic Colorado, a thriving business, and a future all worked out. All because of a disciplined servicing of your refi.

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