Globe Trekker Special – Best American Treks

In this Globe Trekker special Holly Morris, Zay Harding and Christina La Monica explore the best treks America has to offer. First, Zay Harding climbs to the summit of Mt Ranier in Washington state. Mt Ranier is considered the longest endurance climb in the lower forty eight and is known to local native Americans as Tahoma or ‘Great Mountain’. Although the climb is strenuous, it’s one that can be done by relatively new converts to mountaineering, provided you have some training and a knowledgeable guide. Next, Holly Morris takes part in the latest adventure travel rage – canyoneering deep into the heart of the native Apache territory in Arizona. Her rappelling and canyoneering skills are put to the test, as are her survival skills as she spends a night alone in the desert. We meet up with Zay Harding again. This time in Cooper Canyon, home to the mysterious Tarahumara Indian tribe. Zay finds that hiking in the Copper Canyon isn’t for the faint of heart. The trails can be steep and slippery, the accommodation basic, and it takes time to adjust to the heat and the altitude. But if you can overcome this, and are fit and have the spirit of adventure, let the Tarahumara people take you to truly magical place. Again we join Holly Morris as she learns what it takes to be a cowgirl and embarks on a cattle drive from Bitterroot Ranch, near Dubois, in west-central Wyoming. Holly and her guides, Mel and Bayard Fox, head up through the Shoshone National Forest. Their aim is to move

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