Protect our land

Protect Colorado’s Future is a group of Coloradans who’ve come together to work on the important issues facing our state like creating good jobs and providing access to affordable health care.

We’re made up of progressive groups and individuals around Colorado, who are working to support good measures and protect Colorado from policies that would set us back.

So far, Protect Colorado’s Future is supporting two ballot initiatives this year.

• Corporate Fraud initiative initiative to hold corporate executives accountable for committing fraud
• A Just Cause initiative that stops companies from firing employees without giving a reason.

Protect Colorado’s Future is also opposing three initiatives.

• Amendment 47 increases interference with the way Colorado employers and employees do business and reduces the ability of employees, like nurses and firefighters, to have a conversation with employers about better working conditions and higher staff levels that keep us safe
• Initiative 53 attempts to take away Coloradans first amendment rights and prevent Coloradans from making voluntary dues payments through their paychecks. A similar proposal has been rejected by California, Oregon, and Nevada voters on multiple occasions.
•Initiative 59 would handcuff working Coloradans and increase the power of the few over the many by taking away the rights of people, like substitute teachers, firefighters and nurses, to participate in the political process.

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