How Combining Colorado Springs Insurance Policies Saves Money

How Combining Colorado Springs Insurance Policies Saves Money

Any time two or more Colorado Springs insurance policies on homes and automobiles are combined, the policy holder saves 10 to 20% on each policy. This results in huge savings every year. The additional benefit is the savings in time as consumers only needs to deal with one insurance agent and make one telephone call for changes to insurance coverage or report a problem. This way the insurance agent becomes a friend and finds more ways to reduce the cost of insurance premiums.

Combining two or more insurance policies saves money. These could be on any combination of property. Many people have a home, renters insurance on personal belongings, car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat or snowmobile and may combine coverage on a motorcycle and snowmobile or a RV and house.

Valuable time is saved. The agent can handle any changes to a homeowner’s Colorado Springs insurance policy, automobile policy or any other insured property. If a carport collapses from the weight of snow and damages the Subaru, one telephone call takes care of the whole problem. The homeowner does not need to call two different insurance companies, deal with two adjusters and face delays. The claim will be handled quickly and easily.


As the insurance agent earns a larger Colorado Springs insurance commission on combined policies, he or she works harder to keep this business. Knowing the consumer shops almost every year for cheaper premiums, the agent suggests ways to save even more money. These suggestions may include a home security system protecting the people, pets and prized possessions locked inside homes. A burglary takes place every 15 seconds in the United States; statistics show 60% of the time thieves leave immediately when an alarm sounds.

Automobile owners can reduce their insurance cost by the way they drive, the type of vehicle they own and where they park the car or truck. A driver without an accident, insurance claim or traffic ticket for three years or longer is rewarded with lower premiums. Less expensive vehicles with smaller horsepower motors do less damage when involved in an accident and cost less to repair; therefore, the insurance premiums are cheaper. Cars and trucks secured in a garage or parked behind a locked gate are safe from vandalism and being stolen; the Colorado Springs insurance agent gives discounts to owners providing this protection.

Smart people shopping for insurance on their homes and vehicles ask insurance agents how much they save when they combine both of these under one Colorado Springs insurance policy. Insurance on a boat, motorcycle, RV, car, truck, renters insurance or homeowners insurance can be combined to reduce each policy 10% to 20%. This also saves busy people time as they only deal with one insurance agent.

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