How Our Technicians at My Computer Condom Protect Your Computer How Our Technicians Secure Your Computer with our Clarity Shield Services. In this video, I will demonstrate how our technicians protect your computers security with our Clarity Shield Services. Iron Shield Your computers security system is its antivirus and its firewall. As with any security system, you may be up to 99% protected while the system is functioning; but you are 100% UN-protected while the security system is broken. So, the first and most important part of our service is to monitor and maintain the security system to keep it functioning correctly. We use the most advanced software, Panda Cloud Office Protection and insure that it is always functioning correctly. Within our monitoring console, our technicians see an overview of all of the computers that we are protecting graphically represented by these two graphs. We can see what kind of infections we are detecting and what is being infected. Our technicians also monitor the status of the individual computers. We can immediately see if the software is the latest version, if it has the latest virus signatures to identify the latest viruses discovered, and if the system is reporting full protection. Within each computers status we monitor file protection, mail protection, instant messaging, browsing, and firewall. If a virus does infect your computer while you are protected by our Shield, with your permission and assistance, we remove it remotely for no additional charges.
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