How To Be Awesome: Starring Chris Cooley, Featuring John Elway

How To Be Awesome: Starring Chris Cooley, Featuring John Elway
Chris Cooley’s awesomeness is well-established at this point. Whether it’s scaring the crap of Donovan McNabb ,  marrying a Redskins cheerleader , celebrating his fiance’s birthday by drinking 2 21 shots with his father-in-law , or agreeing to a throw-off with the senior editor of this here website . You get the point.  But then he goes and prank calls half the NFL, and we learn the lesson all …
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2011 Washington Redskins: 11 (Realistic) Bold Predictions for the Season
Is the lockout over? No? Oh well. Time for the speculation to begin. If you’ve read my articles before, you know I’m something of an optimist. I love the Redskins, and I really want them to do well. I believe that having a positive attitude towards the team (that they will do well) is better than believing they’ll do poorly (and then getting upset when they do what I thought they’d do.) But even …
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Patriots Mailbag: You’ll Never Guess How Much Tom Brady Makes Every Time He Steps in the Huddle
Do you know how much money Tom Brady makes every time he steps in the huddle? Well, you’ve come to the right place. It’s time for this week’s Patriots mailbag. Thanks to everyone who submitted a question. Does the NFL, or any professional league, realize that it’s the fans that own them? Or do they actually know this, but also know that we will never organize and do anything about it? The Pats …
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