Josh McDaniels Will Serve As St. Louis Rams Quarterback Coach

Josh McDaniels Will Serve As St. Louis Rams Quarterback Coach

St. Louis Rams coach, Steve Spagnuolo said that Josh McDaniels will serve as quarterback Coach for Rams. Steve Spagnuolo says he will not hire a quarterbacks coach for the 2011 NFL season.

Currently, Josh McDaniels was an offensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams. McDaniels will work closely with quarterback Sam Bradford who started his career to build on his NFL rookie of the year in 2010 season. Sam Bradford made 3, 512 passing yards and 18 touchdowns along with 15 interceptions. Steve Spagnuolo said that McDaniels was really efficient with his work and he is suitable for both the jobs.

Steve Spagnuolo said that McDaniels is having the ability to handle both the jobs as offensive coordinator and quarterback Coach. He added McDaniels previously assisted as the quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots. McDaniels was the New England Patriots quarterbacks coach for two years before he was promoted to assist as the offensive coordinator in 2006. He also spent his time in running the offense with quarterback Tom Brady in 2006.  McDaniels got his first job as an offensive coordinator with New England Patriots at an age of 32.

McDaniels was the head coach for the Denver Broncos from 2009 to 2010, he was fired out after 3-9 start in the last NFL season. The Denver Broncos first season under McDaniel’s started with six consecutive wins. Under McDaniel Denver Broncos, quarterback Kyle Orton has set his career best passes with 3,802 passing yards, it is the sixth highest in a season in Broncos NFL history. McDaniels was fined 000 by the NFL for avoiding the rules by taking video of San Francisco 49ers team’s workout session during the week 8 games at Wembley Stadium in London in October.

He was the youngest head coach in the NFL at the time of his hiring. McDaniel was banned from making contact with players including quarterback Sam Bradford due to NFL league lockout. McDaniels has signed as the offensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams under Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo on 18th January, 2011. The 2011 NFL Draft is going to be start on 28th April, second and third will be held on 29th April.

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