Looking for some place new to explore for photographic opportunities?

Question by Mutly: Looking for some place new to explore for photographic opportunities?
Live in Colorado on the Western Slope (about 30 miles from the Utah border) and trying to find some new places to go hiking/take photos. Been to the Grand Mesa National Forest and really like it up there but trying to find some place new to explore. Also spent a good bit of time up at Rifle Gap Falls. Done a little exploring around the Aspen/Glenwood Springs area but not real familiar with the area. If you want an idea of the types of photos I generally like to take feel free to take a look at my Flickr stream (and no, I’m not looking for a critique of my photos). Just looking for new places to explore, especially because photography is my hobby/passion and a “positive coping skill.”
I do a variety of photography as is right now, just look at my flickr page and you’ll see that’s true. Just looking for new places to do it. Need a change of venue, not so much for photographic purposes but for other reasons.

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Answer by videoman
I only would say try to shoot different type photography. Use the shapes and leaves pines flowers insects animals the trails. and there are all type of things to shoot besides scenic. I would die to live there and shot nature of all types. Here in Texas flat land and not many natural places to shot.

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