MLB: History of Colorado Rockies

MLB: History of Colorado Rockies

The Colorado Rockies are a professional baseball team that plays in the league called “Major League Baseball.” This league is the highest level of competition available to baseball players. The Rockies are one of the newer teams in league, but the team does have some fame and history around it already.


The Rockies play in Colorado which is known for its high altitude. This high altitude makes for a situation that is favorable to hitters. The air is thin and this allows the ball to carry better than it would in another stadium. This thin and dry air also has an effect on the baseballs in the area. The baseballs tend to dry out because of the lack of humidity. This effect of drying out caused the balls to be hit much harder and farther than the average ball. Eventually the Rockies made a system where they kept the balls in a humidified room in order to reduce the effects of the area.


The Rockies have had an interesting history throughout their short lived franchise. The team has gone through a lot of ups and downs and has found it hard to maintain consistency.


Most teams have a hard time finding consistency or success at all in the commencement of their franchise. The Rockies started playing in 1993, but were able to find success almost immediately. The Rockies shocked the world by winning the Wild Card in 1995. In just their 3rd season they managed to make the playoffs. Interestingly enough, it took them more than a decade after that to return to the big stage.


The problem with the Rockies and their lack of consistency has always been pitching. Although pitching is important, it’s hard to blame the Rockies for their lack of success in that category. Many pitchers are great pitchers that do not give up many homeruns, but they will give up fly balls. The problem is, if a pitcher gives up a fly ball in Coors Field, the ball may carry much further than it appeared that it should. With these complications the Rockies had been unable to carry on with a winning tradition for a long time.


Since the use of the “humidor” the Rockies have been able to find a bit more consistency. The team has made the playoffs twice since 2007 and appears to have a pitching staff that can take control of the game.


In 2007 the team went as far as it ever had: The World Series. The Rockies were not favorites by any means, but they managed to bull their way through the playoffs. When all was said and done they were facing the Boston Red Sox for the title. The Sox came out on top, but it was a landmark experience for the franchise.


The Rockies are now led by the great pitching of Ubaldo Jimenez. He has been on fire and has given the Rockies the type of “ace” pitcher that they have been looking for since the commencement of their franchise. With a pitcher like him the team could be a contender for years to come.

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