Rockies Opening Night

Rockies Opening Night
Colorado Rockies
Image by mattsantomarco
Spring is here! I might not exactly have an affinity for baseball – or at least the regular season for that matter. Why play a 162 game regular season anyway – that is an absurd amount of games. I mean, does one game in July mean anything? No. Heck, do any games before August even matter? At any rate, I do like opening week. It’s almost like an official kick off for spring and summer. Time to party.

This shot is of the Coors Field stadium in Denver, CO. Home of the Colorado Rockies. Ironically, this picture was taken during last year’s opening game. Stadiums can be tricky to photograph. I say that because they often don’t fit nicely into the normal crop of a traditional photograph- they are better shot using panoramic crop due to the length of the building. For this situation however, I wanted to include the since of all the activity that was buzzing around the stadium this night. So instead of composing the stadium near the bottom of the frame, with an empty night sky – I opted to include a large portion of the street in the foreground. You can never get tired of long exposure night shots! Can you??

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