No other mountains in the United States conjure up the myths and legends of the Wild West than the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains National Park contains only a small area of North America’s mighty, 1000 kilometre long mountain range. It is located in Colorado and rightly deserves its reputation as being one of the greatest natural paradises in the USA In late spring, the vast ocean of flowers that cloak the meadows is in stark contrast to the snow covered mountain peaks. In the deeper regions, the landscape is mostly covered by dense forests that are dominated by many varieties of pine tree. Powerful forces are always at work creating new scenes of natural splendor and in spring time, after the snow has melted, the creeks are transformed into mighty torrents of water. The combination of high mountains, dense forest, crystal clear lakes, wild rivers and idyllic valleys gives this region a unique atmosphere. The Rocky Mountain National Park is beyond doubt ,one of the most spectacular and outstanding areas of natural beauty anywhere in the world.
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