SOLDIER, HERO and victim of Colorado Court! Help stop the abuse of Veterans!!

Can you help me by posting this and maybe someone will help? This is Edward J. Baker, retired Lt. Commander of the Navy. Served 22 years and risked his life to save the lives of his men and to protect your right to sleep in peace at night. Has two Meritorious Medals, letters of commendation from Presidents, and numerous other awards,served in the Pacific Fleet and, in this video, is receiving the Quilt of Valor. He served us…can someone please serve him? This court will not acknowledge government papers proving his competency. DOES COLORADO KNOW THIS IS GOING ON THERE??? I have notified every agency from Colorado’s Governor to Human Health Services, the White House to the VA without help. He was promised by a rehab organization they would care for him instead they have pillaged his savings, betrayed him, denied him his rights, cut him off from his family and tried to bury him in bureaucracy. HE is competent…to drive, to handle his finances and to live on his own. We have the papers from VA and doctors. See him and KNOW they are wrong. We have proof and evidence. We can’t lawyer up enough to win for him. Is his money that important?? Please contact me on Facebook to help: Carol E. Fox

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