Spa of the Rockies: Encounter Healing and Rejuvenation

Spa of the Rockies: Encounter Healing and Rejuvenation

For thousands of years, water has always been a source of healing, rejuvenation, miraculous cures. A lot of these phenomena have always centered on the relaxing properties of natural hot springs all over the world. It is amazing that from different continents, different cultures that have never made contact have discovered the powerful properties of hot springs, and the Colorado mountain spas is one of these natural wonders.

Since 1885, Glenwood Hot Springs has enchanted millions of people because of its natural treasure. Today, it is known as Spa of the Rockies; it reincarnates its 19th century natural healing and relaxation by nurturing the mind and body with natural elements, organic nutrition, and fresh air from the mountains. Colorado mountain spas are considered to be the greatest in America, and if you want to choose among the best, just call Spa of the Rockies for a reservation.

The services and treatments offered are plenty, but one has to try their signature treatments like Spa of the Rockies Spirit Purification Ritual, which detoxifies the body using juniper and sage elements. Test extensive services like hand and foot treatment and care, facial care, and waxing. The massage treatments are also all-natural, using mineral-based thermal hydrotherapy. It also includes herbal soaks, mineral baths, and massage treatments.

Taking a spa treatment in Colorado mountain spas is something one must experience. Spa of the Rockies provides packages that will renew, relax, and calm the body and soul; one cannot come out of the spa the same person he came in. The packages range from 5 to 5, with every dollar making its worth with every minute you spend at the spa. For more details, visit the site at and see their packages and brochures.

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