The Village Breckenridge: Enjoy Yourself Skiing!

The Village Breckenridge: Enjoy Yourself Skiing!

In the United States, Colorado is among those states that are best known for their resorts. The beautiful surroundings and well preserved beauty of nature bring about many tourists in this historical western state. One of the places one must visit while at Colorado would be Breckenridge as this town carries with it a very rich history. Being one of the places in the United States where gold was discovered in great abundance, this region was also used as a base camp.

After the Gold Rush, people got to know this place better and since then, it has never been devoid of people and travelers who come to see a place that played an interesting role in the history of the United States. Apart from its old charm, Breckenridge boasts of breathtaking scenery and its well preserved natural scenic spots. One of the frequent areas to stay would be the Village at Breckenridge. This ski resort would be one of Breckenridges best vacation spots. One of the reasons for this would be due to the facilities the grand ski resort has to offer.

This beautiful ski lodging facility is found at the ski resorts base, which makes it easy for the tourists to just walk to Main Street, the bustling center of the town during the late 1800s. Main Street is currently filled with shops, restaurants and holds many events that would surely captivate the attentions of visitors.


For those who are interested with their rooms, you would have a choice of over 200 rooms, each unique with its own interior design. The interior designs are different as each condominium unit has a different owner who decides on how to decorate the place. You are given a choice of different rooms appropriate for different budgets. You can have a choice between a Liftside studio executive suite, an executive suite, a Plaza condominium suite and a Chateaux condominium suite. All the rooms come with a refrigerator, a clock radio and coffee. Those studio, one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom condominium units come with kitchens. The larger suites, on the other hand have balconies and fireplaces.

For those who would like to go as a group, check out their group packages. The Village offers special rates to those who would be going as a group. You will be able to get a better discount if you would avail of their packages. The famous ski resort also gives seasonal discounts. Discounts are given to people who would choose to stay here during spring break. Further discounts are given to people who would come around and stay for the winter season.

You may also book with them ahead if you need rooms for some meetings or if you need to extra space outdoors. For those who would like a place to hold business meetings and enjoy themselves afterwards, this is the best place to be at. They have a golf course where businessmen can kick back and relax after.

Special occasions are also held here such as weddings and the like. The scenery is perfect and breathtaking and there is ample space to hold your special function. Rest assured that you will receive impeccable service as all their staff are always ready to help their guests feel comfortable and at home.

For those who would want to see the place for themselves, you can visit the Village as well. The Village is about half a block away from Main Street. Bordering The Village would be the Peak 9 Base area of the Breckinridge Ski Resort, the National Forest and Maggie Pond.

Hostels allow you to go to the major ski areas on the cheap and enjoy the world class breckenridge village fun you have heard about. If youre not into good climate, summer in the village breckenridge offers more activities than any tropical resort you find.

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