They Want More Money To Make More Money?

Colorado claims not to have enough in its budget to afford enough police to patrol its highways and protect the denizens. In Denver alone the patrol division’s budget was .7 million and is estimated to be .8 million in 2008. I’ve pointed out in previous posts: Post 1: Post 2: – that Denver has a bait, entrap and incarcerate strategy rather than prevent and protect. They buy more expensive unmarked cars and stalk citizens rather than create a presence and prevent the crimes. And now they’re complaining that they don’t have enough money to actually prevent and protect and want more so that they can buy more unmarked cars and bait, entrap and incarcerate! They’ll just put more of those unmarked cars on the highways, wait, bait and entrap drivers in attempts to hand out more tickets, making more money, filling their quotas and justifying their jobs. Good luck with that. This supports Coloradoan’s rights to protect themselves and bear arms.
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