To Protect A Princess A JB Love Story Chapter 34

k, i can post again! i have a question. which story do you want me to post more of? two worlds collide or to protect a princess? i love writing both so much but i want to know which one you want to see more of! [@ Christan/Caitlin’s house] Christian: (jumping around the room drinking soda) Where’s Chaz!? Kristen: He’s still at the store. Christian: Why does he have to be at the store so long, he aint got no money. Caitlin: He’s running earrands for us. Justin: So basically, you’re using him as your salve? Bella: Yeah basically. Justin: Yall are so mean. Jackie: Dude, i think my ants are hungry. Justin: How can you tell? They live all the way in Colorado. Jackie: Not my aunts, my ants!! (holds up his ant farm) Justin: Oh. You have an ant farm? Jackie: It’s a science project. Caitlin: Jackie, i know you did not bring ants in my house. Jackie: It’s fine, they’re protected by glass! Christian: Let me see! (takes the ant farm out of his hand & looks at it) Ooo, it’s a whole family! (opens the door & throws it outside) Jackie: Dude that was so not cool!! Bella: Hey ants have rights! Now they’re free. Christian: (starts singing) Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty free at last! [everyone laughs] Chaz: (walks in) Why’d you hit me with an ant farm man!? Christian: Sorry. Chaz: Nah it’s cool. Now guys, guess what’s in this bag!! Kristen: Im hoping the stuff we asked you to buy! Chaz: Nope!! Jackie: Food!! Chaz: No! Justin: A new video game system! Chaz: Nu uh. Bella

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