What areas are good in Colorado Springs to raise my family?

Question by amanda c: What areas are good in Colorado Springs to raise my family?
I am moving from a tiny town in Kansas to Colorado Springs. I have been looking online at apartment complexes and am wondering where are the good areas vs bad areas? I am a full time student and a mother so I don’t have the money to live in the most expensive areas though. Any input is helpful!

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Answer by Gman
I AM NOT PERSONALLY stereotyping anyone who lives in south Colorado Springs, but that is where most of the crime takes place in this city. As a good rule of thumb, you will want to stay in the central or northern part of the city. Just be aware though, if you buy one of the many cookie cutter houses here YOU WILL HAVE NO LAND! I am from Tennessee originally and am used to houses having quite a bit of land attached, but that isn’t the case here in Colorado Springs. I would imagine that its the same way for you folks out there in Kansas. Good luck in whatever you do decide to do.

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