Will the Colorado Rockies escape the basement this season?

Question by rick4404: Will the Colorado Rockies escape the basement this season?
Will the Colorado Rockies finish better than last place this season? Aside from their one trip to the playoffs; the Rockies have stunk.

I had always thought that the mere fact the team plays in Denver, where the baseball travels farther due to the thin air; that the Rockies would win with their bats. I have also heard that pitches break funny due to the thin air as well.

What does this team need in order to be a solid, contending team?

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No. The division has improved alot and the Rockies haven’t.
They need pitching and for the reasons you mention, why would any FA pitcher in his right mind play there to see his ERA skyrocket. I don’t know if they have ever had a true staff ace, have they?? Francis is probably on his way. They need to draft better pitching (like Francis) so they can compete.

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